It’s time for you to do some grading. You will be doing me a favor by going to https://apps.qc.cuny.edu/courseevaluation/ and providing your opinion of this course, of your professor’s methods, and so on. The results of these evaluations are useful for the university, in assessing the popularity and efficacy of courses; for students, in deciding what courses to take; and for the professor, in improving the course and in creating a teaching portfolio (for the sake of career advancement). In other words, it’s very helpful and very important.

The online course/faculty evaluation website is open until Wednesday, December 15.

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  • Listening “Literature” implies a written text. But what about the audiotext? Why do we refer to the “audience” (from the Latin audiens, listening) of a literary work? This course is about listening to literature and reading performance. ____________________________________
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