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It’s time for you to do some grading. You will be doing me a favor by going to and providing your opinion of this course, of your professor’s methods, and so on. The results of these evaluations are useful for the university, in assessing the popularity and efficacy of courses; for students, in deciding […]

Roger Bonair-Agard

Next week we’ll be discussing spoken word and poetry slams and looking at some video of slam poets. Some of you have told me you’re interested in writing about this genre of poetry performance, but some of you have also told me that you’ve never been to a poetry slam. While I’ve got some great […]

Marilyn Hacker

I just wanted to alert you to a reading happening on campus on Wednesday by poet Marilyn Hacker. Click here for more information.

Diane di Prima

I wanted to mention that this Friday and Saturday are a couple of rare opportunities to see and hear a reading by an original Beat poet. Diane di Prima is in NYC for the first time in a decade (she lives in California) and is reading at the Grad Center in midtown on Friday. The […]

Speaking of performing texts, this show presents an interesting take on reading.

It looks like every second week our class is going to be visited by some sort of dramatic weather event; this week it’s Tropical Storm Nicole. It’s going to be wet and windy tomorrow, but far from tornado conditions, so hopefully I’ll see you and your umbrellas tomorrow evening. Also—I’ll talk about this in class, […]

Remember This

Hi again. Here are the guidelines for your memorization assignment, as we discussed on Thursday. The purpose of this assignment is simply to give you the experience of memorized performance, and the opportunity to think about how memorization works and the effect it has on the performance and the text. The first part is memorizing […]

Surviving the Hurricado

Hi everyone. Thanks to those of you who were able to navigate the hurricane-force winds and the fallen trees and make it to Rathaus for class tonight. For those of you who tried but were turned away by traffic snarls, don’t worry, it’s quite understandable and it won’t affect your participation grade. I was in […]


I wanted to tell you all about the Howl! festival happening this weekend. Tonight you have the opportunity to see Allen Ginsberg’s famous poem “Howl” recited by a bunch of poets, including several that we’ll be discussing in the course. There are also many other cool events associated with the festival—check out the calendar.

Reading update.

Folks, we won’t meet again until next Thursday the 16th (enjoy your short week, and L’shana tova), but I wanted to mention a couple of things. First, I have revised the links on the 9/16 page, so in addition to the pdfs of Havelock and Nagy, there are some links to excerpts from Plato and […]

  • Listening “Literature” implies a written text. But what about the audiotext? Why do we refer to the “audience” (from the Latin audiens, listening) of a literary work? This course is about listening to literature and reading performance. ____________________________________
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