• Access to a computer that can stream or download and play audio and video over the internet, and a Qwriting account.

• Regular attendance and participation in class discussion. Please arrive on time, and please come prepared to participate in the discussion of the week’s readings.

• Regular comments posted on the class blog. In general you are required to post at least one substantial comment in response to the readings each week. Your contribution could be an original insight or a reaction to the general dialogue. The deadline is 9 am each Thursday. You may skip this up to three times.

• One short (3-minute) memorized performance, followed by a 1k-word response paper. You may choose any text for this assignment, poetry or prose, and you may perform live in front of the class or on video. The response paper will explore your personal reaction to the process and the performance.

• One 5k-word essay on a topic related to the course, due one week after the last class. Essay topics must be cleared with me by 11/18, and by 12/02 you must submit a draft of at least 2.5k words.

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  • Listening “Literature” implies a written text. But what about the audiotext? Why do we refer to the “audience” (from the Latin audiens, listening) of a literary work? This course is about listening to literature and reading performance. ____________________________________
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